Sketch Club 2018 - A Fantastic Night!

On Friday, January 5th, more than 150 hardy souls braved the sub-zero windchill to attend the Saint Stephen of Hungary School Foundation Annual Sketch Club. Attendees were treated to performances by Jeff Radosevich (P '27), Justin Patterson (P '24, '27), Kelly Strain (P '24, '27, Faculty), Danielle Higgins (P '27), Paul Miller (P '25), Vicky Dussich (P '25, '27), Kieran Foley (P '27), Brian "Bugsy" Moran (GP '26, '28), and Mr. Dan Mullen (Faculty), whose tremendous talents resulted in a net overall contribution to the Annual Fund of $17,847, representing a 21% increase in dollars raised over the 2017 Sketch Club net of $14,738

Thank you to our bar sponsors who donated libations, supplies, and labor at no cost:

Tracy and Michael Borelli (P '23)
Brenda Panzera and Edward Butler (P '20, '23, '27)

Francie and John Doherty (P '26, '26)
Karina and Fred Mamoun (P '22, '23)
Kate and Tim Waters (P '23, '23, '24)

Thank you to Amy and Charles Devigne (P '23) who donated their time, labor, and all food to further increase the bottom line while reducing expenses over 2017.

Thanks to Michael Borelli (P '23) for the donation of the raffle prize - a rare bottle of John Walker & Sons King George V Blended Scotch Whisky.

A special shout out to all who gave their time and talents behind the scenes to make the night a smashing success:

Father Donald Baker
Ms. Caroline Walker

Ms. Kathleen Murphy
Mr. Brad Slepian
Mrs. Irene Rodriguez
Edward Butler (P '20, '23, '27, Sketch Club Committee Member)
Eddie Chang (P '26, Sketch Club Committee Member)
Nancy Esposito (P '23)
Tom Gaffney (P '23, '25)
Adele Ganly (P '20, '20)
Sara Laytham (P '23)
Jason Magnus (P '23, '26)
Paul Miller (P '25, Sketch Club Committee Member)
Jillian Ruggiere
Lauren Walker
Kate Waters (P '23, '23, '24, Sketch Club Committee Member)

And to that Saint Stephen's cast of clean-up crew members who voluntarily coalesced at evening's end to ensure the auditorium was clean, safe, and basketball-ready for the next day's game at 9am - thank you!

Save the date - Sketch Club will return Friday, January 4, 2019!