From The Board President

Christopher G. Kelly (P’22)

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Alumni, Friends, and Faculty of Saint Stephen of Hungary School:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Saint Stephen of Hungary School Foundation, we are pleased
to deliver to you the official record for the Foundation’s fundraising efforts for FY September 1, 2016 through
August 31, 2017. The document you hold in your hands is a monument to the generosity of no less than 370
donors, all of whose gifts combined to set new records in dollars raised via the Annual Fund, the Auction and
its Fund a Need, Sketch Night and the Golf Outing. Those events and appeals, the cornerstone of fundraising at
the Foundation, collectively saw a $113K increase, or 21%, from $534K to $647K — while expenses to raise those
monies actually decreased by 5% on a year over year basis. To all the donors who supported these events,
and the volunteers without whom the events could not have happened, a thousand thanks.

As a result of your extraordinary efforts, every child, from 4th to 8th grade, returned to school this fall to his or
her own wireless device, while every child in the younger grades has access to one. Further, with grants from the
Foundation the school community saw (i) a new classroom built; (ii) tens of thousands of dollars in financial aid
made available to deserving families and students; (iii) faculty provided grants to increase and improve their skills;
and (iv) a curriculum enriched with French language classes, a reading specialist, enhanced music education and
improved athletic programs. All of these projects and programs were funded in whole or in part with your dollars.
In addition, our 89-year-old building was rewired, classroom technology improved, and our children squarely
positioned to face a future so full of wonders as to have been unimaginable to many of us back when this year’s
8th graders first enrolled at our most special school.

Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do. The Foundation enters the new fiscal year in a relatively
strong financial position, but expenses associated with maintaining an upward trajectory of educational
improvement rarely decrease. In addition, the costs of continuing to rehabilitate and renovate the Francis
Building remain on the immediate horizon. As we face these fundraising challenges, however, optimism is not
in short supply; far from it. The ties that so profoundly bind together the Saint Stephen of Hungary School
community, its alumni and friends continue to give witness as well as support us as we join hands to build the
school needed for today, as well as tomorrow. In that respect, the Foundation’s invitation to each of us could
not be more plainly put: Come, please, and build Saint Stephen of Hungary School. Be a school builder.

Gratefully yours,

Chris Kelly signature.jpg

Christopher G. Kelly, President